Flow Energy is the Group’s successful UK home energy business and is the primary driver for growth in the Group.


Flow Energy launched in April 2013 and grew steadily throughout 2013 and 2014. In 2015 the Group took the decision to significantly grow Flow Energy as it believed that the current domestic energy market is favourable to the growth of challenger suppliers, and that the value ascribed by the market to an energy customer is rising as the potential for the cross-selling of a wider variety of energy related products and services has increased.

In order to take advantage of this seismic shift in the market, Flow Energy signed a wholesale trading agreement in December 2015 that provides access to wholesale energy (gas and electricity) on extended credit terms and without the requirement for cash security deposits. This removes one of the biggest barriers to growth (the requirement to post collateral) and is a competitive advantage that the majority of other challenger suppliers don’t enjoy.

During 2015, Flow Energy grew from 66,000 customer fuel accounts to 100,000 customer fuel accounts. Following the wholesale agreement, Flow Energy grew from 100,000 customer fuel accounts to 250,000 customer fuel accounts by the end of 2016. The Group believes that it can continue to grow throughout 2017 and beyond by offering a compelling mix of competitive prices and excellent customer service – Flow ended 2016 as the only supplier good enough to be a Which? Recommended Provider for energy.

Flow Energy is now the primary driver for growth for the Group. The Directors believe that a new generation of large energy supply businesses is in the process of being created as more and more customers leave the Big Six, and that Flow is well placed to be at the forefront of this revolution.


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Flowgroup offers a ground-breaking heating product range, including:

The microCHP Flow boiler: a domestic microCHP boiler that generates low carbon electricity while it uses gas to heat a home, targeted at the European market

The Flow Eco RF, provided by Intergas, targeted at the UK market. This product is the market leader in the Dutch market and provides benefits far and above a standard, everyday boiler, including up to 15% higher efficiency than other A-rated boilers and remote control and remote diagnostic built in

Please see our main consumer site, www.flowenergy.uk.com for more information about our product range.

Flow Brand Ambassadors

The Eco RF will be sold in the UK via a national network of Flow Brand Ambassadors (FBAs). FBAs are the UK’s finest installers and heating engineers who have been hand-picked to join the Flow programme.

European opportunity for microCHP

The Group’s research and development team are focused on the potential opportunities for commercialisation of the Flow boiler for the European market. Due to a reduction by the UK government in support offered by the microCHP Feed-in Tariff, and an increase in manufacturing costs resulting from the post-Brexit referendum fall in the value of Sterling, the Directors believe that the Flow boiler is uneconomic in the UK market. However, in select European markets, governmental financial support potentially favours microCHP through various installation and other available incentives.

The Group is currently working with GRDF, part of Engie (formerly GDF SUEZ), and Engie Home Service on this project. Positive assessment by GDRF of Flow’s technology has already taken place and the next steps include joint evaluation of the requirements for new product introduction in France. The Directors expect customer pilots to start in the last quarter of 2017.  We believe that both these potential partnerships represent significant opportunity, if realised, to commercialise Flow’s technology in the large European market.



Flow Home – products for the connected home

Flowgroup partners with Fifthplay, the Belgian smart home specialist, for its range of connected devices for the smart home. This currently includes a smart home hub, smart thermostat and smart plugs.

We are currently focused on understanding consumer need and gaining experience in this rapidly emerging space. Fifthplay is expanding its product range over the next few months, which will allow us to offer a more comprehensive range. However, we are also in discussion with other major players in the smart controls and connected home markets to ensure that our connected offer is both fully integrated into our heating product strategy and that it remains at the forefront of advances in this technology.