Becoming one of a new generation of large energy supply businesses

We believe that there are unique changes now taking place in the British home energy market. The Big Six suppliers are losing their grip as more and more customers (nearly 4m so far) switch to challenger suppliers, in pursuit of lower prices and better service. However, we also believe that many challenger suppliers don’t live up to the expectations of their new customers, providing lower prices but even worse service.

In this rapidly-changing market, we believe we are in a strong position to grow. We provide a compelling combination of lower prices and outstanding customer service. We believe we are better resourced, better protected, more stable and more experienced than many other challenger suppliers, and that we are more nimble and able to provide better value than the Big Six. We believe that a new generation of large energy supply businesses is being born and that we are well-placed to become a large energy company of the near future.

We will be setting out our vision for the Group in more detail over 2017 and beyond.

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