Reports & Presentations

2017 Annual Report 2016 (PDF, 1.9mb)
2016 Interim statement (PDF, 658kb)
Interim Statement Presentation (PDF, 1.41mb)
Annual report 2015 (PDF, 1.7mb)
Annual report presentation (PDF, 1.2mb)
Equity development webinar (YouTube)
2015 Interim statement (PDF, 567kb)
Annual report (PDF, 1mb)
Preliminary announcement (PDF, 505kb)
Flowgroup Innovators and Investors Forum (PDF, 1mb)
Investor update January 2015 (PDF, 1mb)
2014 Annual report (PDF, 1mb)
Interim report presentation (PPT, 30mb)
Interim report (PDF, 451kb)
Flow Jabil Joint Presentation Sept – Part 1 (PDF, 692kb)
Flow Jabil Joint Presentation Sept – Part 2 (PDF, 951kb)
Flowgroup – our vision – June 2014 (PDF, 1.4mb)
2013 Annual report (PDF, 3.5mb)
Preliminary Announcement (PDF, 216kb)
Interim Report (PDF, 588kb)
2012 Annual Report (PDF, 1.34mb)
Annual Report Presentation (PDF, 804kb)
Preliminary Announcement (PDF,173kb)
Interim Report (PDF, 597Kb)
2011 Annual Report (PDF, 597Kb)
Interim Report (PDF, 597Kb)
2010 Annual Report (PDF, 1.45Mb)
Interim Report (PDF, 460kb)
2009 Annual Report (PDF, 1.45Mb)
Annual Report Presentation (PDF, 438kb)
Interim Report (PDF, 460kb)
Interim Report Presentation (PDF, 1.47mb)
2008 Annual Report (PDF, 2.76Mb)
Annual Report Presentation (PDF, 636kb)
Interim Report (PDF, 460kb)
Interim Report Presentation (PDF, 1.08mb)
2007 Annual Report (PDF, 2.55mb)
Annual Report Presentation (PDF, 6.94mb)
Interim Report (PDF, 537kb)
Interim Report Presentation (PDF, 1.10mb)
2006 Annual Report (PDF, 516kb)

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